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By Rakesh Patel Ramubhai

afrikaans poemsUsing a figure of speech gives a unique perspective of creative ideas in written form or feelings. It includes a deviation from the more widely used form of word order and sentence construction. Writers usually decorated with the figures in their composition.

This article attempts to shed light on the various figures of speech, which will help you understand how you can make your your expectations.

A. Comparison
This comparison is made of concrete, like “like” or “because” the two types of objects: “The reason is that the order of the telescope,” for example in the parable.

Two. Metaphor
It uses a word or phrase that a kind word or a phrase in another place, the idea of ​​a picture between the two.

(3) Anticlimax
It includes a number of ideas that suddenly decreases at the end of a sentence or on. It is used in a satirical.

(4) Antithesis
It is the juxtaposition of two words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs to concentrate offers a contrasting set of ideas: “To err is human, to forgive divine.” This is a good example to the contrary.

afrikaans poemsFive. Gradation
This is an agreement in words, phrases or sentences in order of importance: first, the least powerful, and so on. “It is shameful to be a Roman, it is a plague, it is almost parricide to kill him, but who shall say that it does not to crucify “This is especially true copy of said peak.

6. Fancy
It is a complex and sometimes bizarre metaphor. It makes an analogy between totally unrelated things. The idea of ​​the term or idea. Conceits are widely used in the 17th century metaphysical poetry. – In a farewell: forbidden Mourning “John Donne uses the fact that the image is used for the seizure of several arms of the compass to show friends, even when this step is a two covenants.

(7) Euphemism
It includes a word or phrase to replace the innocent for the sake of one who is rude or unpleasant unpleasant associations such as the use of words like “toilet” for “toilet, and the” party “is.”

(8) Hyperbola
It is in the form of exaggeration. This means a person or thing depicted as good or bad, than real. For example, “Dr. Jonathan his tea in oceans”.

(9) Irony
This is a mode of ironic humor or not. Words are used here meaning the opposite of their literal meaning of the whole.

afrikaans poems10; Impersonation
It includes the representation of living beings, inanimate or abstract ideas. The judgment, “Necessity is the mother of invention” may help you to get out of this idea better.

Close study of these figures will help to understand the sense of crafting your speech ideas and imagination to create a good piece of literature, poetry and other forms of writing.

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